My music is a blend of jazzy and classical harmonies expressed through electronic and sometimes acoustic instruments. It is colorful, hence I asked great graphic artists to illustrate the CD covers. As I am fascinated by the early 20th century convergence of arts, since my second album I asked my fellow designers to create colourful "art nouveau" shapes with synthetic textures.

Debut album, released in 1996

Tracks created during my stays in Boston and Brussels
A Return to Ethernity, 2001

Tracks created during my stays near Geneva and Maennedorf (Zurich)
Made of Stars, 2012

Tracks created at my place near Lausanne

1 -Universal Library - 1'41"
2 -Dark Moon - 5'31"
(featuring Moïra Conrath, voice)
3 -It's been a long time no see - 4'18"
(featuring Keesha Fleth, voice)
4 -TechnoJazz - 5'19"
(featuring Vincent Bourgeyx, piano)
5 -Acid 2 Base - 4'41"
6 -Trauma - 5'18"
7 -Dark Moon - Male Version - 7'20"
(featuring Moïra Conrath, voice)
8 -Your Destination - 4'39"
9 -It's been a long time no see, Trance Version - 5'35"
(featuring Keesha Fleth, voice)
10 -The Fruit of our Passions - 5'23"
(featuring Gwenaël Lafitte, guitar)
11 - Hidden Track - 10'25"

Total playing time : 59 minutes, 20 seconds

Vincent Bourgeyx, piano, on TechnoJazz.
Moïra Conrath, voice, on The Dark Moon.
Keesha Fleth, voice, on It's been a long time no see.
Gwenaël Lafitte, guitar, on The Fruit of our Passions.
Juliette de Patoul, graphic design.
Giacomo Biondi Morra, sound design, composition, lyrics, programming, production and remastering.

Special thanks to : Catherine, for being; Michelle, for inspiration; Richard Boulanger, for showing me new directions in music; Jerôme and Nicolas for listening and critiques; François, for believing in being sometimes non-commercial; Antoine, for terminating some of my conflicting neurons; Berklee College of Music, for music education; Solvay Business School, for business education, rigor and efficiency.

1 -A Paradise of Emotions- 5'08"
2 -X-Ilum (Mematech)- 6'54"
3 -Noctambule - 4'18"
(featuring VincentBourgeyx on the piano)
4 -Protohuman journey - 10'50"
5 -Afraid- 6'49"
(featuring Karin Lugmair for vocals)
6 -Metalyth (Metalyst)- 8'15"
7 -You belong here- 3'37"
8 -Ethernity- 5'03"
9 -Krystal Tears- 3'22"
10 -Black Sun Rising - 7'42"
11 - Hidden Track Digithallucination - 4'10"

Total playing time : 66 minutes, 33 seconds

Vincent Bourgeyx, piano, on Noctambule.
Karin Lugmair, voice on Afraid, plus for providing important advice on many things, so much love and beauty in my life every single day.
Philippe Clavier, graphic design.
Remastered by Glenn Mueller, Greenwood Studios.
Giacomo Biondi Morra, sound design, composition, lyrics, programming, production.

Special thanks to : all of you who helped creating, distributing, inspiring, refining this CD, and who continue pushing me to become a better person over time.

1 -We can make it - 5'25"
(featuring Njara Zafimehy, voice)
2 -Chrysalis - 4'38"
3 -Badai - 3'58"
(featuring Leonardo, Karine, Giacomo, voice ; Lee Hutchinson, guitar)
4 -Boston 1996 - 2'24"
5 -Stay with me - 4'57"
(featuring Karin, voice)
6 -Secret city - 4'47"
7 -Bali souvenir - 5'45"
8 -Tonight - 4'28"
(featuring Njara Zafimehy, voice)
9 -Ricordi Siciliani - 3'50"
10 -Drifter - 6'07"
11 -Made of stars - 6'43"
12 -Celtic Austria - 3'42"
(featuring Karin, harp)
13 -J'aime bien toi - 4'48"
(featuring Lucia, voice)
14 -L'enfant des étoiles - 3'35"

Total playing time : 1 hour, 5 minutes, 27 seconds

Njara Zafimehy, for his fantastic voice, melody and lyrics on "We can make it" and "Tonight"; Karin Biondi Morra, for her mesmerizing voice and melodies on "Stay with me" and "Badai" plus her beautiful performance on harp on "Celtic Austria"; Lee Hutchinson, for his highenergy guitar on "Badai"; Lucia Biondi Morra, for her kind words on "J'aime bien toi"; Leonardo Biondi Morra, for his creative input on "Badai". Sound design, keyboards & voice, composition, programming, production, mastering by Giacomo Biondi Morra. Thanks to Karin, Lucia and Leonardo for their unconditional support and to all of you who helped me.