welcome !

Hello and welcome to my music pages !

I have been passionate about music composition and sound design with computers since I was 12. I create and produce mostly synthetic chill-out, ambient and film music. In my productions, I typically propose a laid-back, floating, sometimes melancholic atmosphere. You can find influences of classical, trance, techno and dance in some of my tracks, which will hopefully unleash positive energy in you. ;-) Jazzy harmonies appear throughout, as well as complex synthesizers textures and acoustic instruments mixed altogether.

I hope that listening to my albums may be a pleasant and curious experience as every track has its very own character, revealing untold stories to the listeners' mind. I put my soul into these, maybe you can find it ;-)

In this site, you can find more about me, understand how the music was created, download my latest tracks for free or purchase my CDs (if you still use this technology, hahaha). ;-)

Made of Stars

A Return to Ethernity

Debut album